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Access Point at Marina

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I want to install an outdoor AP (POE) at my marina as shown in the attachment.  There is no real clear line of site.  I'm looking at the ENS2002EXT product.  What I'm hoping I can do is mount the unit accessible to me and then mount then antennas as high as possible using custom coax cables.  Is this a viable solution?  I was going to try to hang a Foscam POE webcam off it as well.  I have FIOS in the building with the yellow star.  I would mount a pole and extend up as far as I can. Thanks






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The idea of putting in the antenna as high as possible would be helpful. However, the signal may not feasible to some wireless client devices. (i.e. laptops, smartphones, tablets) They may not be able to talk back to the wireless access point no more than 50 feet. Would there be any chance of creating a point-to-point bridge from the main building to somewhere closer to the boat area? (see attached)

I suggest using a pair of ENH500 to create the Point-to-point bridge link and an ENS202EXT with SA2216 sector antenna for wider coverage. 


On the attached file, the 2 yellow stars are the ENH500s and the green star is the ENS202EXT with sector antenna.

Hope this suffices your requirements.


Atlantic Marina.jpg

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Do NOT use Coax. Use an outdoor Access point such as the AC1300. If one works then ok  if it takes two then you could put one on one roof  one on the Othere There is a major drop in sinal in both directions. Run Cat 6E up any poll. Also keep the poll as low as you can but still have line of site if at all possible. I doubt one unit will cover the area very well. I have used directional antennas for installs simalar to this. Put about two on the poll with a 180 or so sweep. You can try just one AP  but I think you will have trouble picking up the signal from portable devices. Again no Coax.









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