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EnTalk VS EnTalk Lite

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@Lee10114 I got this information that will give you detailed information on what EnTalk  and Entalk Lite is.


EnTalk enables user to register smartphone to EnGenius Cloud Router, the smartphone will become the extension of home line, when calls come from PSTN, smartphone can receive the calls via WiFi and 3G connection. Also smartphone can make PSTN call too.
:: EnTalk App only works with EnGenius Cloud Routers. ::

1. Supported Model: 
(1) EPG600


EnGenius EnTalk Lite app enabling each user to make and receive calls associated with your family members and friends to save on long distance and International calling. And the EnGenius Intelligent Router supports up to 10 smartphones registered to the ESR series Intelligent Router can make or receive calls with other EnTalk™ Lite user anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. EnTalk™ Lite is also a social networking app that keeps family, friends, and small business partners’ in touch via a chat room.

With EnTalk™ Lite, you can:
- Make free calls among different telecom users
- Keeps in touch via a chat room
- Save on long-distance and international calling

Supported Models
(1) ESR300
(2) ESR350
(3) ESR600
(4) ESR900
(5) ESR1750

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