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Combined Knee Instability - Symptoms, Treatment and Pain Relief Options For Bad Knees

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The stages include T0 through T4, with T0 indicating a tumor which is in the earliest stages and has not begun Nerve Renew to affect any other tissue and T4 being in a highly advanced stage and typically inoperable or incurable. The "N" stands for nodes and describes the extent of the involvement of the lymph nodes.

The "N" is also followed by a number of 0 through 4 which indicates the severity. The "M" is the "Metastasis" which is followed by either a 0 or a 1 with zero meaning the tumor has not spread or affected the lymph nodes and one meaning that the tumor has metastasized.

These are the basic systems which are used in cancer staging; however, there are other variations of these systems as well as other staging systems specific to certain types of cancer. These stages are important when it comes to determining prognosis and treatment options, however, other things will also be factored in such as overall health and other specific tests including biochemical testing done on the cancer cells.




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