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Another Cold Sore! Why Me?

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I have purchased some different moisturizers over the years, but Hydralyft Review never stuck with any of them. Growing up in the woods of New Hampshire, fashion, hair and makeup were never of much importance (and even when they were, we were a bit behind the times!) The thought never occurred to me that I didn't have to be a glamour girl to take good care of my skin.

As I got older, I did begin to wear a little makeup but still didn't do much for my skin. A year ago my mother developed skin cancer on her nose. Having surgery on your face is a scary thing and I admire her bravery through the entire process. Since then I have started to realize that taking care of my skin and protecting it from the sun is actually important. Duh! In the meantime, I'm not growing any younger and I notice darker spots on my own freckled face. I guess it's never too late to start doing something positive.


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