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Central Auditory Perception and Hearing Loss

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Do you have difficulty hearing but have trouble deciding whether Tinnitus 911 Review an audio assistance device is right for you? Hearing aid companies have made several important advances in the past few years, creating a variety of instruments that fit almost every need. The biggest problem most people have with these products is how they look. Nobody wants to admit that they need to use an audio assistance product, and that very sentiment means that many people never seek the assistance they need. What these people do not realize is that there are a variety of accessories today that can eliminate this problem altogether.

As opposed to the original, old-fashioned devices, which require a connection to a large electronic box, behind-the-ear aides (BTE) contain all their electronics in a small apparatus that sits discretely outside the ear. There are no large wires to get in the way or boxes to fiddle around with. Their durability, combined with the fact that the accessory is located outside the ear, creates very little chance of moisture or wax damage. Not only are these gadgets discrete and durable, but they also assist with anything from mild to severe hearing loss.


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