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What is Angioprim?

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The first thing to explore is garlic. Most people don't realize what Advanced Cardiorx medicinal effects garlic can have on cholesterol but it can be downright amazing. All it takes is one clove of fresh garlic a day which is roughly the equivalent of a 900 mg capsule of garlic taken in supplemental form to lower a person's cholesterol by nearly 10%. That's huge! Many people may find it difficult to incorporate a clove of garlic into their daily diet but it really isn't all that hard and most people are surprised to find out that garlic doesn't have a very strong or noticeable taste at all.

The next thing to think about is oat bran. Just one bowl of oat bran a day can have dramatic effects very quickly. Some studies have shown that a bowl of oat bran eaten every day can lower cholesterol by 5 to 6%. While not quite as dramatic as garlic, it is still nothing to shake a stick at.


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