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Presbyopia Diet For Better Vision

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Lasik Surgery Comes With Risks And Complications: Even though Eagle Eye 911 Review this method of vision correction is considered a miracle cure for eyesight problems for thousands of people, like any other surgery, it comes with risks and complications. In spite of its high success rate the FDA reports that about 10-20% of patients have reported unpleasant side effects such as eye pain, glare, halos around objects, starbursts, dry eye, night vision problems and double vision to name a few.

Lasik Is A Quick Procedure With Quick recovery Times: Lasik surgical operations take only about 10 minutes per eye and often the recovery period is very short due to the fact that the person is able to go back to work the following day.Strenuous activities can increase blood flow to the eye area. The increased blood flow can worsen swelling and bruising, which prolongs the healing period. In addition to obvious physical strain such as exercise or sporting events, activities to avoid while healing from a blepharoplasty include bending forward and heavy lifting.

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