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What Exactly is BTE Hearing? - BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Aids

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Our ear's outer parts are structured in a way that they collect Hearing X3 maximum sound from the environment. The sound waves which are collected by the outer portion is then amplified by the middle portion and then forwarded from the air medium to liquid medium. The transformation of medium from air to liquid happens as the sound waves travel through the ear.

The densest bone in our body is the temporal bone that is present in the inner portion of the ear. Liquid with sensory epithelium and hair cells are present in the empty inner channels of our ear.

The sound waves which move through the fluid epithelium push the protein filaments; the hair cells fires when the filaments bend over are sufficient. This is the process, by which sound waves are converted into nerve impulse. Cerebral cortex is that part of the brain whose function is to interpret sounds, that is being converted into impulse.


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