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What We Smell Can Determine How We Feel

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For the Catholics, they have their bible while the Muslims call it asĀ Subliminal360 Koran. It is important that you take time to read the verses or the gospel of this book since it will help you to become enlightened. This is considered as one of the most important book in this world and it should be given with respect, with great pride and honor. This book contains songs of praises and most of all the word of God. Reading it will give you an insight of how this world began and what you should always do to become a good servant.

Reading the bible, joining in worships or praising activities will help in improving your spiritual aspect. It will feed your soul and will guide you to the right path. If all of the people will sacrifice just even an hour or so, it will make the Creator happy and it will make this world a better place to stay in. There will be peace and people will live harmoniously.


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