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Trauma: How Can Someone Make It Easier For Them To Sleep If They Have PTSD?

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Therefore, in the same way that eating fast food can give someone the impression Hypnosis Live Program Review that they are getting what they need; looking at pictures of models can also have the same impact. But, just as the fast food won't truly nourish them, neither will the pictures that they look at.

Looking at these pictures will be like having a carrot dangled just in front of them, with this carrot always being out of reach. It might seem to get closer if they were to watch a video of the model, but it will still be way out of their grasp.

Taking this into account, then, the good that comes about through looking at these pictures is going to be offset by the bad that comes about. It will be like a child receiving a toy, only for them to find out there is no toy in the box.Positive feelings will arise in the beginning and then end up being replaced with negative feelings. But, in the same way that a child could go to another toy box to get away from these feelings, a man could end up looking through other images to get away from the frustration that arises through looking at a picture.


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