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Understanding the True Meaning of Holiness Can Help Us Avoid Negative Religious Legalism

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Long-standing conventional scientific findings and modernĀ No Bs Manifesting Course political correctness dictate basic personality traits are due to environment, not genetics.

But advances in behavioral genetics contrast with that theory.

Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard, says, "The findings of behavioral genetics have turned out to be substantial and robust, and new studies are linking genes with behavioral traits like IQ."

He alludes to the age-old debate of fate vs. free will in explaining how behavioral genetics is frequently shunned due to its apparent, inherent lack of promise: "Behavioral genetics, the study of why people differ, has long been the most vilified subfield of psychology. Its signature findings-that all traits are partly heritable and that the variation that can't be attributed to genes can't be attributed to families either-are regularly denied by commentators who consider them too fatalistic... Unlike the cute but ephemeral journalist bait that comes out of many psychology labs, the findings of behavioral genetics have turned out to be substantial and robust."


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