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Is Your Blood Sugar Out of Whack?

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Another experiment found that exercise estimates were evenĀ Blood Balance Formula Review more inaccurate. Study participants exercised 62% less than they recorded in their logs. It appears that for most people, more calories go in and fewer calories are burned than they seem to believe. This isn't because people cheat on their personal weight loss diaries. It's just that portions seem smaller when we eat them and workouts seem longer when we actually do them.

There are other factors that can create unexpected results in the energy storage formula. Energy out is the energy burned in exercise, but it is also the energy burned by the resting metabolism. You could write another equation:

Even if dieters get all the exercise they intend to get, there is another unpleasant surprise waiting. The body can adjust its "thermostat" to burn less calories when fewer calories are consumed. The metabolism gets slower and slower the longer dieters diet... unless they break up their calorie-consumption patterns with an occasional 'cheat meal'.

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