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Small Town Business Marketing

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Let's say you own a small local eatery that serves breakfast and lunch. You'reĀ Ultimate Small Shop Review satisfied with your breakfast sales; however, your lunch sales are flat. To increase lunch sales, try inserting a trigger. For example, when you prepare and display your daily lunch special in front of customers ordering to-go-breakfasts, you'll likely increase the chances of these same customers returning to purchase your lunch special. When your customers get hungry later, having seen and smelled your lunch special from the morning will likely trigger their memory about your eatery.

Perhaps you own a small auto repair shop. Most of your business includes oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups. However, you also sell tires and you'd like to sell more of them. When a snowstorm or heavy rain strikes, display your all-weather and snow tires more prominently during the week of the storm, and include signs on top of the tire stacks with specific sales copy promoting the purchase of new tires, e.g., "This week only, when you purchase a set of all-weather tires, you'll receive free rotate and balances for two years." By tying your promotion to an environmental influence, your tire sales will likely increase.


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