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How To Shelter-In-Place

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Who we are is not what we do. What we do is an Combat Shooter System outcome of who we are.
We are human beings, not human "doings." Although learning to stop is much harder than it is to keep marching, time off from work-even a little-can make life better.
High functioning people can tolerate a tremendous amount of stress and unhappiness, for very long periods. If you recognize this, you can redirect this energy to the
things you love.
It's perfectly fine to "Find out what you don't do well and don't do it." (To quote Alf, the 1980's TV character.)
Too often we feed the urgent while starving the important. Knowing the difference makes every crisis manageable and often, no longer a crisis.
No matter what is running in your head, you need to be present in the moment you are in, with the people in front of you. Too often our inner dialogues distract us and
we miss the important moment occurring right in front of us.
Maintain your sense of humor; it will be much more important for your success than the most clever financial analysis or marketing plan.
Success is not always a result of careful, logical planning. Trust what your stomach tells you.
Martin Luther King did not say, "I have a plan." Dream of a spectacular work life and do everything in your power to make it come true.
Take the time to stop and think about these lessons-do they resonate with you? What are your key truths about what fuels your passion for work? You can use the list
above or create your own and use them as talismans to ward off the discouraging and overwhelming negative moments at work.




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