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Save Water - Simple Tips to Help You Save on Your Water Bill and Save a Precious Resource

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Generated electricity from the solar panels, is to be use for your Power Efficiency Guide Review home electricity needs and to charge the batteries. The batteries are use to store the electrical energy and always ready to use when the sun does not appear (eg at night). The controller charger is for charging and maintaining batteries performance. The inverter allows you to change the DC (direct current) electrical power into AC (Alternating Current) electrical power, thus all the equipment in our homes will obtain sufficient electricity supply and in accordance with their respective equipment needs (there is a need for DC power, and many more require an AC power).

The use of solar power, actually had been around for years, some example of its application are Lighthouses, traffic signs, street lights etc. The utilization of solar panels is expanding, not only because of energy saving but its also because this technology proved reliable and only require little effort for maintenance.


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