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But I'm Already Doing the Best I Can!

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The entire purpose of this article is to impress upon you the Uncompromised Life fact that all achievement begins with thought. But, knowing this is not enough, we should learn how to
build a success consciousness.

As a very simple illustration, let us think of a delicious cake. The layers, the frosting on top, the filling all taste so delicious that much culinary skill must be
required to produce it.

But if you study the recipe and see that you take so many cupfuls of this, a tablespoon of that, etc., you find that, by carefully following instructions, there is no
mystery about it at all.

A genuine success consciousness does not mean that you might succeed; it is a definite promise of success.

A success consciousness is that state of mind in which you cannot see yourself as anything but a success.

Remember this! Know it to be true, because it is true, as the following story will show:

A friend of mine frequently spent time with me in my hobby shop. He constantly reminded me that he was not a bit handy with tools and that he would find it impossible
to build the things he had seen me build.




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