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maggie smith

Enabling the Hearing Impaired to Be Like Any Normal Person

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Another alternative therapy is the application  Ring Ease Review  of White Noise. This is usually a non-invasive procedure where the patient is exposed to a gentle sound. The gentle sound can mask Tinnitus.Sound masking can also be done at home by playing soft music or leaving the air conditioner on. Hearing aids also lessens it symptoms. The key is to utilize an "external sound" that will take the patient's attention from the "internal sound"

Drugs that help in Tinnitus treatment come mostly from three groups: anti-convulsion, nervous-affecting and anesthetics. However, effectiveness is still lower than 50 percent. There are also risks of unwanted side effects. Some anesthetics can damage ear muscles as well.Lidocaine, for example, works on 2 out of 5 people by suppressing the unwanted sound. However, the drugs need another chemical to counteract the negative side-effects.

How to stop ringing in ears is the question of more than 35 million Americans. One-fifth of people above 50 years also experience the condition. Medically, it is know as Tinnitus. It is the condition of perceiving sound in the ears even in the absence of an external source.Tinnitus, by itself, is not a disease. It may be caused by other health conditions like hypertension. The most common cause is damage within the ears or the auditory nerves. Ear defects are usually caused by old age and prolonged exposure to very loud sounds.

Many old aged people experience Tinnitus due to hear loss. Hearing loss is caused by damaged ear nerves. In turn, the patient perceives a "non-physical" humming or screaming.




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