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Known Causes of Heart Disease and How Cholesterol Plays a Role in This Condition

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The example in the last paragraph leads me to my point in this section. Determine and record your daily blood Cardio Clear 7 Ingredients  pressure patterns right alongside your daily medication log. In my case, there is a very strong correlation between the medication's effectiveness wearing off and my blood pressure rising. Since I do not want it to rise at all where I can help it I worked with my cardiologist to determine when I should take which medications so I can keep the pressure closer to the right level all the time. In the absence of keeping your own (and very honest) log of blood pressures and medication times and amounts, your doctor can only guess at amounts and times of day based on the averages found in studies and the one blood pressure reading they took when you walked into the exam room. This can easily result in being undermedicated, resulting in high blood pressure more than necessary, or being overmedicated, resulting in being more zombie-like than necessary. Measure your blood pressure often and record the results, medications and other notes you think may be important and present them to your doctor. He or she will appreciate having real information and the opportunity to adjust your medications as they need to be uniquely for you and for greatest success with the least medication.







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