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Sleep - How Important Is It?

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Helps us see the big picture. Whether you've got a couple of players Nutrisleep Rx Review battling it out for a position, or an opponent who presents a significant challenge, or just an athlete with poor technique...sometimes sleeping on it really does work. As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes we're too close to the problem and need to take a step back. I like to chat with my assistant coaches and then all of us come up with an idea that we think will work to solve the problem. We all bring it back to the group and come up with the best option.

Releases the great ideas within us. I'm a dreamer. Not in the I-never-actually-get-anything-done way, but the I-want to-change-the-world way. All of our teams and seasons start with a dream. We call them goals so that they sound a little more tangible than dreams. I've woken up with great ideas about offensive and defensive systems, how to handle team "problems", and even off the wall motivation techniques.


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