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Neck Or Shoulder Pain? Find Pain Relief After You Find Your Diagnosis

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Treatment of the shoulder can encompass several different Arctic Blast areas. Conservative measures include medication anti-inflammatories, pain medications, rest, cortisone injections, and/or physical therapy. All of these methods can be effective in helping relieve a painful shoulder especially when they are performed in combination with each other.Often times when you present to your medical doctor with complaints of shoulder joint pain they will prescribe some medication as described above. Rest will also be advocated although this is not always easy for people to follow depending on their activity levels or their occupations. Injections are sometimes given right away depending on your medical doctor's philosophy. Some MD's would rather you attend physical therapy before considering injecting the painful shoulder. Injections are not the end all beat all and they do not offer relief to all patients that receive them. Often times a well rounded physical therapy program can alleviate the pain and you won't have to consider having an injection.

Therapeutic exercises - this will consist of range of motion, conditioning, and strengthening exercises. The goal here is to maximize and restore any loss of range of motion, improve the overall endurance of the shoulder blade and shoulder muscles and to improve the strength of these same muscles. The muscles surrounding the shoulder blade must be conditioned and strengthened just as the main shoulder muscles would be because these muscles have to work in conjunction with the shoulder muscles in order to restore normal motion and to prevent recurrence of pain.


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