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Emily Jacob

Best Fat Loss Programs to Lose Your Weight - How to Find Them?

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Don't worry about depriving yourself. Remember  Lean Body Hacks  that as you cut back on these foods, the goal is to lose weight. Once you lose the weight you want to lose, you can add these foods back in with moderation. The benefits of great sex are well known for the mood enhancement it produces in those who participate in it on a regular basis. The power to make great sex a priority in your life, if it's less exciting than you'd like, is in the mind with a 'can do' attitude. Feeling sexy and self-confident is really just a state of mind.

Those mood enhancers that I previously mentioned are called endorphins. They are the 'feel good' chemicals the brain releases when pleasurable events or substances are enjoyed. This pleasurable stimuli can be food, alcohol, drugs, and yes even sex. So it stands to reason, the more often you participate in pleasurable sex, the more often you get to experience those wonderful and addictive endorphin releases! These pleasurable 'feel good' brain chemicals are also important stress reducers, and stress is the number one contributor to weight gain.

People who are overweight often have a poor self-image that inhibits their attitude towards having sex. This will in time, and with age, affect an individual's desire and frequency to have sex with their partner. Since engaging in healthy, loving, and pleasurable sex is considered a beneficial physical exercise, having frequent sex can have an impact on reducing your weight by: Burning up to 150 to 200 calories per half hour, and apart from being a lot of fun, it is just as beneficial as any other form of physical activity. Sex does not have to be extremely aerobic to benefit from the physical exertion. Experiment with different positions by moving around more often. 

Remember, people who are lonely often over eat to comfort themselves out of frustration to being stressed and feeling unloved. By having frequent sex, you will be more able to control your weight, reduce physical stress, and be less tempted to over eat. Consider the fact that being in love or out of love can be two of the best known diets out there. Both can be strong motivators in controlling or losing control of an individual's weight.



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