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Will You Really Lose 23 Pounds in a 3 Week Period?

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Since a person's metabolic rate is still at work during sleep, this goes  Lean Body Hacks Review  to show that getting the recommended hours of sleep a day has a relation towards losing weight because of its effect on a person's behavior, hormones, as well as how their mind and body functions throughout the day. Lack of sleep can greatly affect your energy level during a workout because the less sleep you catch the more you will feel tired and sluggish, causing you to want to skip your exercise regimen and feed your craving for energy boosting food and beverages that will only lead to consumption of excess calories. Without a good amount of sleep, your energy and willpower to workout will diminish as well as your improvement in your weight loss program.

Sleep allows the restoration of your metabolism by letting the body recuperate from the day's tiring physical activities. Failure to give the tissues in your body to rest and be repaired can sooner or later lead to the loss of muscles. Without lean muscle mass, your body will stop burning calories at a high rate and therefore result in a slow metabolism. A sluggish metabolism prevents you from reaching your weight loss goal.

Obesity is one of the effects of continuous sleep deficiency because of its great influence on your appetite-related hormones called leptin and ghrelin. People who do not get enough hours of sleep increase the quantity of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite, as a result causes constant hunger and cravings. Leptin on the other hand, is reduced which triggers the body to not have control over its appetite. Catching more z's can truly help in controlling how much and how often you eat for a better weight loss.

Getting a good night's rest should not be taken for granted in order to prevent the negative effects on your health such as lack of energy, a slow metabolism, and an uncontrollable appetite. Your health is at risk when you do not prioritize the amount of sleep necessary for your body. Successful weight loss programs thrive because of healthy eating, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep to rejuvenate the body.



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