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Things to Be Aware of When Tackling Local Search

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Now, mindset is important, having that plan and of course  The Az Code Reviewbeing disciplined so you have concentrated focused effort on achieving that plan, and having courage. You got to have all those things which are not usually what you need to have in order to milk a pay check or a day job right? So it's different. You have to have courage to escape comfort zones, courage to take risks, courage to defeat things like fears of failure, fears of ridicule and all those kind of fears that cripple you moving forward and succeeding. So if you want more, you've got to become more. Let me say that again. If you want more money, then you've got to become more.
And I mean become more on the inside, internally, with your mind and your mindset and how you feel and the emotions that you have and be able to be focused and take risks and take challenges and overcome adversities. You got to have the right mindset. Most people in this market show up and they bounce around from one thing to the next, becoming parts of everyone else's plan instead of their own plan. They end up playing pretend business. They get to a point where they don't even believe in themselves. They don't even have the confidence to get a squeeze page up or to drive any traffic, or to stick to any one thing. They're all over the place so much and nothing works.
You need a primary aim, a destination of where you want to go and you need the right mindset. So what you need to do to get the right mindset in my opinion is to invest in yourself. Invest in yourself. Educate yourself, get books, get programs, videos and audio course, and empower yourself with mindset empowering stuff. So you can understand that there are people that have been there before you that also went through what you're going through right now and they were able to change and start making money too.
So find that help, get that advice, spend some money in investing yourself. It's amazing how people will quickly spend $50 going out to eat but they're so scared to spend $50 on their own dreams. If your dream is serious enough to quit your day job and work from home, or to make yourself a million dollars online, if you are serious about achieving your goal, if you are serious about that dream, you'll quickly spend $50 on what you want. Life is short. If you want to achieve that financial independence, you'll invest in yourself. Improve yourself on the inside and the outside will improve.

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