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Penis Growth Exercises FAQ

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Morphology-The shape of the sperm. Two methods Erectify Ultra   are used. The World Health organization 30% or more normal shape is normal. The other method is Kruger strict morphology. Strict normal morphology of 4% or more is normal. This is related to the ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg. Its unrelated to deformities in the baby when pregnancy takes place. Anti-sperm antibodies- these are antibodies that attach to sperm and reduce their motility and fertilization ability especially if attached to the sperm head White cells-a concentration > one million in each mL may indicate infection.

Variabilify in sperm production exist. A decisions should be based on a recent semen analysis-within one year. One or multiple factors may be abnormal. The final statement about how normal is a semen analysis requires judgment of a reproductive endocrinologist or male urologist. Generally speaking, less than 10 million motile sperm per mL indicates lower success of intrauterine insemination. Concentrations less than 5 million per mL may point to the need for IVF. Less than 2 million per mL or poor morphology may indicate the use of direct sperm injection into the egg-ICSI.

When is genetic evaluation needed? The male partner should be evaluated for underlying genetic problem if a. Sperm concentration <10millon per mL-karyotype (chromosome analysis), Y chromosome micro-deletion and cystic fibrosis genes especially if considering IVF and ICSI, b. Couple with genetic problems identified from history e.g Kallman syndrome. All these can be tested through a blood test. Kleinefelter syndrome means that some or all the cells in a man's body carry extra X chromosome. 

This markedly reduce sperm production. The individual himself may or may not exhibit some clinical features of the syndrome. Y chromosome micro-deletion means that a small part of the Y chromosome is missing, which reduces or prevents sperm production. Cystic fibrosis-CF is a genetic disease that makes body secretions thick. Its sometimes associated with absence of the tubes that convey sperm from the testes to the penis-congenital absence of the vas deferens. Sperm production itself is not affected.



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