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A Great Fashion Accessory - Contact Lenses

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Once you know that you have presbyopia then you have the choice to either have Vision Rx20 Review bifocals or just half reading glasses. If you need distance corrective lenses on top of your presbyopia then you would need bifocals. But bifocals scare a lot of people. They immediately get the image of really old people and it doesn't seem fair that you, at your prime, need the bifocals. Well, fashion or not, you refuse to look old, right? You are so wrong about that if you agreed to that question. There are so many fashionable frames available now that do not make anyone look old, they make them look sophisticated and glamorous in most cases.Strangely colored contact lenses such as white or yellow were earlier used to theatrical advantage. These are available today as a novelty item to be worn to costume parties.

Colored lenses, though, must not be worn in harsh or very dim lights. The pupils of the eyes are designed to contract or relax depending upon the availability of light. If the pupils dilate, particularly in dim lights, there may be a distortion of vision.




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