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Multi-task...Sometimes! Multitasking is one of  Hemorrhoid No More System  those stress remedies that has gained favor as the way to get everything done in less time. Multitasking sure does sounds great...in theory! While things may get done, the outcome isn't always high quality due to time constraints. Sometimes, it's best to focus on one thing at a time to ensure accuracy and quality. Multi-tasking still has an important place though. Try grouping simple tasks with ones that require greater concentration. For instance, take a business call while you're walking your dog or making dinner. Clean the house while you debrief your kids after a busy school day. Stress remedies like multitasking can really save a lot of time and prevent stress but only if used smartly.

Just Say No I know this is easier said than done for women but this is one of the most critical stress remedies to consider. Family and career compete equally for a woman's time and attention; she's been socialized to believe that she cannot say "no" without disappointing or offending someone. When you say "yes" too much, you risk over committing yourself and either things don't get done or they don't get done well. And the very things you try to avoid by taking on the task - disappointing or offending - become reality. Review your priorities and say no to those tasks that aren't absolutely necessary. People will find a way to get their stuff done without your having to come to the rescue every time.

Make a Plan Never create a rigid schedule for yourself, if possible. Life is full of surprises so it's important to be flexible to allow for unexpected situations. After all, kids get sick, repairmen show up late, dogs run away and spouses need extra attention after a hard work day. Having a general framework for your day with the understanding that things may not always go as planned is how to relieve stress when the unexpected happens. Expecting the unexpected will prevent you from being thrown off-balance.

Take Shortcuts It's OK for busy women to put aside perfectionist tendencies and allow things to be good enough. For example, you don't have to always make the family dinner or birthday cake from scratch. You don't have to design and sew all of your children's Halloween costumes. Good stress remedies encourage shortcuts at home and work that make your life easier and save time. It's your choice how stress affects you. Good stress remedies based on smart time management can really help with simplifying a busy mom's life. Stress remedies don't work if you don't apply them, however, so please make a daily commitment to yourself to do something that will have a positive impact on your stress levels.



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