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Ways to Prune and Harvest Olives

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What is Skyr yogurt. As you might guess, it is similar to GreekĀ Meridian Health Protocol yogurt in many ways, but don't tell that to someone from Iceland. Technically it's not even a yogurt but more of a smooth, soft cheese made with skim milk fermented with Skyr culture. It's then filtered to concentrate the protein. Greek yogurt on the other hand, traditionally uses full fat milk and different cultures but is also filtered to increase the protein. Similar, yet different.

The other thing about true Skyr yogurt? It's made from the milk of Icelandic cows feeding on Icelandic grass. You can't replicate this product elsewhere and get the same product. You just can't. A few producers in the States have tried, but of course it will never be considered a true Skyr yogurt by the people who invented it.


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