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WDS Bridge + WDS AP

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I have an ENH1750EXT and two ENS620EXT's.  I have them setup as:

Cisco router connected to Internet and DHCP services, the ENH1750EXT is connected to one of the ports on the Cisco.

ENH1750EXT - 2.5G wirless AP

                           5.0G  WDS Bridge to 620EXT #1 and #2

ENS620EXT #1 - 2.5G Wireless AP

                               5.0G WDS AP mode (WDS link to ENH1750EXT)

ENS620EXT #2 - 2.5G Wireless AP

                            - 5.0G WDS AP mode (WDS link to ENH1750EXT)


The WDS Link is reported as UP.


When I connect to the 1750EXT, I have no problem accessing the internet

when I connected to ENS620#1 I get an internet connection with no problem

when I connect to ENS620#2 it reports no internet connection.

If I reset ENS620#2, then I can then connect to the internet on it with no problem; but now when I go to ENS602#1, I have no internet connection.  So it seems that only one of the WDS AP's will properly connect to the 1750 at a time.  I am sure there is some basic configuration element I am missing, can anyone point me in the correct direction?



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I was using an iPhone to test the both APs.  I am thinking the issue was that the iPhone wasn't getting the connection settings correct when moving from AP to AP.  I concluded this because I could set up my Laptop to use one AP and my iPhone to use the other, and both worked correctly. Interesting that no one here ever offered any assistance.  A good example of what to expect when using EnGenius devices?  This experience would support that a customer shouldn't expect any help once purchased.

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