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Truly one of the worst attempts of Mesh Wi-Fi.

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Truly one of the worst attempts of Mesh Wi-Fi. EnGenius did irreparable damage to their reputation as hardware vendor.

If you have a house build with bricks, don’t bother buying this. Its made for small apartments and wooden houses like in the US.

The range is hardly 3m and I’ve installed 6 pods, and even then it does not work.

Support is terrible, and when they answer its always “wait for the new firmware”.


So I’ve installed the new firmware (1.6.3) to the master pod and now all the other pods are gone because they did not automatically update to 1.6.3

No way of reaching them with a 1.6.3 master pod.


The iOS app is painfully slow, I mean 6 seconds per page refresh. And when you go to the webpage its even worse.


It is a badly designed product, a true “version one” made under pressure of the competition.

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