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EAP1300 Firmware update

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On all EAP models I've used before (EAP350,600,900h,1200h) I have been able to initiate a firmware upgrade via telnet/ssh. 

On EAP1300, there does not seem to a working function for this? 

Previously "mgmt -> fwgrade -> fwup http://website.local/firmware/firmwarefile.bin" would upload, write to eeprom, and then reboot. 
Now, the result is 

Device reload firmware... Please wait and try to reconnect later.

uci: Entry not found

Is there a replacement CLI method for this? or is it just broken, and I'm going to have to upgrade firmware by hand from this point on? 

Yes - I checked the bin file is not corrupted - yes it works by manually uploading via the internal webpage.

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