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EzMaster makes my EAP1300EXTs Inaccessible

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The EZMaster application seems to disable my EAP1300EXT access points so that I am unable to log into them on the web interface. I have 7 EAP1300EXTs and 1 ENS620EXT and after firing up EZMaster, I was only able to log into one of them and only the Overview part of the menu is showing. Sometimes EZ Controller does this to the AP as well. I have had 4 of them lose all but the Overview menu after using EZ Controller.

I could not ping the APs and they did not show up on IP scans. It's like the EZMaster  application cuts them off from any outside access. After having to reset all the APs to factory specs and restoring from backup at least twice now, I have decided to disable SNMP altogether on the APs.

I was just wondering if anyone else had had this same experience and if you found any warnings or information saying that you might not be able to configure the APs if you use EZMaster,. I think if EZMaster is going to disable the APs from being configured through the Web Interface that it should have some method of turning this back on without resetting them all to factory specifications.

Interested in any similar experiences.


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