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is this possible?

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i am new here and i am honest, i am a noob with computers and internet connections.
(i hate this stuff)

anyways, i have a engenios ecb350 and i wondering if its possible that i connect my ip camera to this engenios and then can connect on long distance with a tablet of smartphone?
(and i dont want to have this al connected to the internet www)

See this picture:

Screenshot from 2018-06-15 20-47-39.png

if yes:

can someone give me a simple step plan how to configure this engenios?




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Based on your diagram, I would say No. The ecb350 is an access point, not a switch. If the camera was a WiFi camera it could be configured to connect wirelessly to the access point. There are many ways to achieve what you are looking to do, consult a professional if you can't do it yourself. 

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