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Important Safety Tips About Proper Fire Extinguisher Usage

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Unbelievably, Team Red gained complete access to the electric grids and 911 emergency Easy Cellar systems in nine US cities. Imagine what a skilled hacker could accomplish with exotic tools and techniques!

You may think only a country with serious resources could mount a successful cyber attack. However, anyone with a computer, basic knowledge and a few easy to obtain tools can penetrate almost any firewall and wreck havoc.

Attacks can take many forms: deliberate, hijacking, malware placement, reconnaissance even vandalism. Attacks can come from other countries, cyber groups even teenagers with too much time on their hands.The following is a fictional account of what could occur with zero notice any day, any time and could affect you and your loved ones in ways never imagined. Keep in mind you will not feel an EMP when it hits as it's utterly harmless to people and animals but ruins all electrical circuits permanently. The implications are mind numbing!

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