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Dave Cooper

ENS500 & ENS200/202 constantly falling over

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Hi all,

I have a few holiday parks with ENS500 set to WDS bridge as backhaul and ENS200 & 202 as APs.

Since last summer, the demands for streaming content has them locking up several times a day when the sites have busy weekends and holidays.

The 500’s are set at 40MHz, Green is ticked and the throughput is around 60MBps give or take.

The 200’s are a mix of 20MHz and 40MHz depending on the site and clear local airwaves. Throughput obviously is lower on the 20MHz

Before I rip all these out and change for Ubiquiti, has anyone got any incite or recommendations that would keep these units alive when they are being pushed to the limits?

I would set them to reboot daily but you can’t set a reboot time and I’d want this to happen in the early hours to avoid dropouts during the day.

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just joined this board, shame that people dont answer, did you get a solution to this? or was it to replace with ubiquiti



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