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ENH500 Client Bridge Mode Set Up

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I'm new to building links, and perhaps what I'm trying to do is not possible with the ENH500. Please excuse my ignorance.  The attach image shows a sketch of the envisioned system configuration.

I have successfully logged into the control panel of the ENH500 from my laptop computer, selected bridge mode, and requested a "site survey" as shown on page 4-24 of the ENH500 manual.  My problem ..  the ENH500 does not find the 5 G Hz signal being broadcast by the Time-Warner Ubee DVW32CB modem even if given many minutes to perform the search. 

I know that the Ubee DVW32CB modem is broadcasting a 5 G Hz signal because I can use it to connect my iPhone to the Internet. When I log into the control panel of the DVW32CB modem, it shows my iPhone as being connected via the 5 G Hz link (see attached "access").  The Ubee DVW32CB modem is set to use "Radio wireless channel  153/80 " and MAC access control is disabled. The ENH500 was set for sensitivity = maximum distance; in fact, it was within inches of the DVW32CB modem.

I am not sure the ENH500 can be configured as I have envisioned, but I would think that it would indicate the presence of the 5 G Hxz signal.

What am I doing wrong?  all help is appreciated.  If you want to respond directly, send messages to info@LArents.biz



V0 CCTV Internet Link (Medium).jpg


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