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'no connection' on phone when attempting registration to base

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I have 2 issues:

1). Cordless DuraFon 1x powers up, receives calls and screen lights up green, but nothing else on the screen. No menu, text, nothing. Just green screen. Shuts down after a few minutes until powering up again. Tried new batteries with no luck. Can't deregister it since no text menu on screen.

2.) Because of the above, I am trying to replace the broken one with the same model phone I found in storage that someone used in the past. When I attempt to register it to the base, the phone searches for base and then says 'no connection' on the screen. 

I have tried: 

-holding down REG button on base until all lights are green, then selecting Register on the phone at the same time. Only result is 'no connection'.
-factory resetting the working phone that I am trying to register to defaults
-resetting the base by holding the reset button
-Repeated all of the above multiple times

Anyone who can provide insight I would greatly appreciate.

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