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ENS500 compatibility with CCTV Controller

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I want to set up a SecurityPros.com CSP-4Lite CCTV camera and recording system in the garage of an apartment building. Internet access is available in an apartment unit above the garage, but it will be very difficult to run a cable from the apartment to the garage.  I'd like to use an EnGenius ENS500 N300 as a wireless bridge between the SecurityPros.com CSP-4Lite CCTV camera and recording system and the ISP's modem/DHCP-server, so I don't need to run a physical cable. The ISP's 5.0 GHz WiFi signal is really strong in the location where I would position the  EnGenius ENS500 N300 as a wireless bridge.

The cable modem provided by the ISP, Spectrum, includes a DHCP server as well as 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz wireless access. The SecurityPros.com system interfaces with the Internet in a manner that allows remote viewing as well as remote playback of its internal video recorder.  When the SecurityPros.com camera-controller is directly connected to a typical modem/DHCP-server, the modem assigns an IP address, perhaps, to the SecurityPros.com camera-controller that doesn't change over time.

Assuming I set up the EnGenius ENS500 N300 with the password code to access the Spectrum modem's WiFi, and I change default IP addresses to avoid conflicts, will the EnGenius link be transparent to the Spectrum Modem and the SecurityPros.com camera controller?  i.e. Will the DHCP server in the modem assign an IP address and communicate with the SecurityPros.com camera controller as if it was directly plugged into an RJ45 Eithernet port on the modem/DHCP-server. 


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