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How to Survive the Consequences of Achieving Success

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Achieving success takes an inordinate amount of focus and few people are willing to The Wealth Compassis live a life on purpose; hence, success, especially massive success, is rare.It is not only lonely at the top; it is also lonely on the way up.Few people care enough to strive for an extraordinary life.Thus, when we do final begin achieving success at a rapid rate, it's easy to lose our sense of perspective and balance.

While we are humming with high vibrations, enthused with life force, and eager to act, change, and uplift, others have barely enough energy to make it through the day.While we have gathered a panoply of experience on our way to achieving success and may feel a desire to share our great wealth of knowledge, others retain shallow, superficial, self-destructive thinking.

Once we break free of the gravitational field of a mundane life, our lives transform, our thinking deepens, and our perspective widens. Everywhere we look, we see people struggling with issues that we had long ago overcome.At this point, our sense of separation can truly magnify.Considering all of this, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling different, separate, and even superior.
Yet there is another way of handling fame and fortune.It is to not become intoxicated with adulation, inebriated with success, and puffed-up with ephemeral grandeur.It is truly admirable to meet someone who still can relate to others in an open, friendly, and affectionate way long after he or she has surpassed them in every area of life.


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