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Change default IP number EMR3000

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Hi There,

Question. De default IP adres of the master EMR3000 is (All the other devices get following numbers).

My modem at home has default IP Because of that, some devices connected to the WIFI from the EMR3000 can't see devices from my standart IP range.

The question is: I want de EMR3000 has also IP numbers like and and so on. (I've got 6 of the EMR3000). How can I change the IP numbers of the devices or....... how can I change the IP numbers from the WIFI network?

My modem has got a DHCP server witch is master. But when I shut down the DHCP in the EMR3000 settings, only one (the master EMR3000) was connected (and NOT with the IP number I'de hoped for - still something like

Can somebody help me please?


Best regards,


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Hi DrDeJe,

Please turn your master EMR3000 to Bridge mode.

via APP, Settings > Internet Setting > DHCP

via GUI, Interfaces > WAN > DHCP

IP will obtain from your modem (192.168.1.x).

For your reference.

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