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maggie smith

The Diagnosis of Cataracts

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In some cases when an individual is Lutazene Review diagnosed with having cataracts and they have caused a significant loss of vision, the decision is made to have them surgically removed. This type of surgery is called "extracapsular cataract extraction" and consists of the removal of the cataract as well as the lens leaving the capsule or outer shell of the lens behind in order implant the artificial lens.

In some cases after having this type of surgery, a condition known as secondary cataracts can occur. Some estimates show that approximately thirty percent of individuals who undergo cataract surgery will develop this condition within one to five years.

The Cause of Secondary CataractsDuring the procedure to remove the lens in cataract surgery, the inner contents of the lens including the particles of the cataract are broken down and removed leaving the capsule or back of the lens intact.




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