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maggie smith

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Contrary to what others believe, if done Total Money Magnetism Review with total submission, focus and positive attitude, hypnotism is very effective. You may not even know it, but in your day to day life, unconsciously, you are being hypnotized. Have you ever wondered why you cry during the sad moments of a movie? Can you really hypnotize someone just by merely watching TV?

The answer is yes and the following sentences will explain the why and how.This is what hypnotherapists commonly call as Hypnotic State. During this state, both the subconscious and conscious minds are receptive to suggestions and the comments being proposed are retained without judgments and criticisms. After the hypnosis, the subject will most likely be following what was told to him or her.

Going back to the movie, it explicitly portrays that the heroine is terribly wronged by her husband who left her for another woman much sexier, more beautiful and successful professionally. She has with her four kids to raise, no job and no money. Her daughter asks if there is food to eat since it is Christmas. Her eldest son inquires if they are staying on this 2-room apartment, without central heater, for good. The woman goes to the kitchen, fixes a cake and puts it on the table. She answers her kids with: We're together and that's what matters. She goes inside the tiny comfort room, opens the shower, sits on the floor and cries...





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