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Penis Skin Care: 5 Keys to a Youthful Appearance

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Erectile dysfunction(ED): two of the most terrifying words a man can everĀ  Free Crypto Secret hear in connection with his penis health. Yet it's something which is not uncommon. According to one source, about 10% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 have severe or complete ED, and 25% more have moderate or intermittent cases of it. That's a full one-third of men in that age range affected to some degree by erectile difficulties. That's one reason why it's important to know the possible causes of ED, so that it can be properly treated. And increasingly, it seems that depression can be one of those possible causes.

For years, many doctors have noticed that many men with ED are also depressed - and understandably so. After all, men place an enormous amount of importance on their sexual prowess, so if problems develop "down there," it can be devastating for some men. But there has been some disagreement of a "chicken or the egg" nature about depression and ED. Does depression cause the erectile issue/ Or does having a problem getting and maintaining an erection bring about a feeling of depression?


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