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How to resolve Incompatible firmware version error on EWS controller?

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Logged on to EWS5912S.
Showed three updates.
One for the EWS5912S, the EWS350 and EWA300 APS
Let it do its thing.
( the APs were no longer listed, but that was resolved by switching to a different computer and more current version of firefox )

Now all systems say up to date, but I still have " incompatible firmware with orange dot " 

The information says that I need to update APs to c1.9 before updating controller to c1.9.

Okay ... but again, only a cancel button. Troubleshooting. Says APs are ok. Let me try to call engenius tech.  No phone number online??? Old booklet.  No support at the toll free number while ... write an email? create a ticket? ...

Controller is on v1.06.11-c1.8.71
APs are ... a mix of v2 anv v3 ending in 1.8.57  1.8.59 and 1.8.8

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Controller is EWS5912FP on v1.07.16-c1.9.18.  Since the Controller was updated last week, receiving "Incompatible Version" on all APs.

APS are EWS320AP on 2.0.392 + 1.8.14.  Latest Firmware listed on APs Downloads page is the same!?!



The Controller does ask if I want to check for newer firmware versions for the APs, sits there for about 10 seconds, then nothing.


Is there an update for the APs that's not on the Downloads?

I managed to find an older Firmware for the Controller of 1.05.38_c1.8.12.  Can I downgrade the current version, then get access to APs again??



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