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What should my expected line of sight range to an iPhone type client be from each of the AP's the ENH1750EXT alone, as well as connected to sector antennas, as well as the ENS500EXT stand alone as well as paired with a, SA5219.  I am ultimately trying to cover an entire golf course with effective WiFi for scoring an public use.  I am basing my model off of the campsite case study on the EnGenius home page.  That prospective map does not include expected distances or ranges, and outside of the 1.86 mile range of a sector antenna, there are no other ranges given for access points other than "Long Range."  I just need to know how far away I can realistically expect an iPhone or iPad client to have effective connectivity.  So from there I can anticipate how many EnStation/AP combination relay stations I will need to provide.  I am aware that as well as line of sight, distance above the ground also makes a difference, I am anticipating the ENS500EXT/SA5219 combo to be on a mast approximately 15-16 feet in the air, Which will get me above most line of sight obstructions and I plan to sight the masts with clear line of sight to each other, based on current tree locations, and available power sources.

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