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Website Traffic - Why Getting Other Site Owners to Become Your Affiliate is Easier Than You Think

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I had nearly 100 visitors a day from around the globe reading what I had to say everyday. Over a period of one month, this amounted to just over 3,000 visitors. I was excited by this number initially and decided to put AdSense on my blog to see if I could earn a living online by using Google AdSense.

However, my enthusiasm was quickly tempered when I realized that, with 3,000 visitors a month, you can not even fill up one tank of gas.

How many visitors a month does it take to succeed with AdSense? Well, you can roughly estimate that you will make about $5-$10 per 1,000 visitors. Thus, with my whopping 3,000 visitors, I could make a measly $15 a month. That won't exactly pay the rent. Heck, even 3,000 visitors a day won't pay the rent.


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