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Found 3 results

  1. required_alias


    I posted here about a year ago asking for assistance in connecting my EAP9550 to my network. I managed to get the EAP9550 web page to open - a GREAT accomplishment for me. I'll not go in to the needless explanation why it's taken me a year, but now I need help getting the settings right in the EAP9550 web page. What settings do I need to change/add? A web site offering instructions will work nicely, but I can't find one. FWIW, W10.
  2. Josh


    So, I to am starting to have my doubts about EnGenius and if anyone actually works there. I mean there are always new products on the website, however, there seems to be no response to tech support emails or even on the forums anymore. I have two SA5315 sector antennas currently each one is being fed through input 1, (They have 3), from an available 5Ghz port on an ENH1750EXT dual band outdoor access point. The problem is, I do not believe my antennas are broadcasting or receiving power. What has led me to this conclusion is that once I started my site survey to see exactly how much of the advertised 1.8 mile coverage I would actually get, I noticed that the 2.4Ghz signal which isn't being piped through a sector antenna actually has more coverage than my 5Ghz signal, which IS currently being fed into the sector antennas. This would make sense as typically 2.4Ghz has more distance but less speed than 5Ghz. If there were no antennas in the picture this would be the expected result. But right now, I am getting about 750' of coverage from my 2.4Ghz signal and about 650' of coverage from my 5Ghz signal. I need at least a mile of range to cover the entire golf course. I have invested a LOT of money with EnGenius at this point because the other solutions we have, (ENS500 Network Bridges) work great. Occasionally one will go down and it is an easy fix to replace it. Or usually just a reboot works. Hopefully someone from EnGenius reads this or someone who has experience with the sector antennas reads this and can give me some feedback. Thanks,
  3. DuraFon 1X Quick Reference Guide DuraFon_1x_Quick_Ref_Sheet_and_FAQs_FINAL.pdf

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