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Found 4 results

  1. I have multiple EAP1750H at our school. I am trying to schedule an open SSID to broadcast only during off school hours. I have scheduled and enabled the SSID for both the 2.4 GHz & 5GHz through the wifi scheduler. However, when I go to the area of the school where it is supposed to be OFF I am able to see it during the off times on an ipad (but can not see it on my cell phone.) I am also able to connect to it during the OFF times on my ipad. Which is a problem because I don't want students to have access to this SSID. I changed the SSID name and relabeled both the 2.4GHz channel and the 5GHz channel to double check that was in fact this SSID (because in other parts of the building I have this open guest SSID on all the time). It was in fact the SSID that is supposed to be OFF. And I am able to see both the 2.4GHz channel and 5GHz on my ipad but again not on my cell phone on the OFF time. When it does "turn on" I am able to then see it on my cell phone. So I can see that something is turing on and off at the right time but there seems to be some part of this that is on. Any ideas??
  2. Dear Forum We have ENS620EXT Routers and need 2 different SSID’s, each SSID with a different subnet SSID ‘Name1’ SSID ‘Name2’ How do we separate that in the settings of these routers? Best regards
  3. Hello, My ecb300 was working well for one entire year with the same configuration when suddenly the SSID disappeared. By rebooting the AP it came back but disappeared again after a few hours (many tries). Sometimes it came back for no particular reasons for a few moments again (many occurrences). Putting the AP off for some hours worked also, but the ssid always finished to vanish (many tries). I tried to change the ethernet cable and the switch port, to change the configuration (create a new ssid, change the name, encryption, channel etc), the physical location of the ap, upgrade the firmware : nothing better. After that I returned the ap to the vendor for an exchange with a new one. Same problem : I believe they sent me the same ap repackaged (maybe they tested it and saw it working well as it used to do sometimes, bad luck for me) ... Obviously, during the disappearances, all the mobile phones and computers lose connection and cannot reconnect ... So I think it is not a problem of configuration since it worked well for a year, nor of location for the same reason and because a Freebox is in the same place and got no problem of wifi visibility. Any ideas please ?
  4. I have an ENS202 ( actually 2 of them for creating a connection across a span that I cannot run cable ) it keeps shutting down the AP Wi-Fi I create, works for a bit but once I start using it heavily the SSID I made drops from all devices that could discover it, phone, tablet, any Wi-Fi device. since I have 2 of the same units I swapped them out but the results are the same. Now once I reboot it manually by unplugging the POE cable for a few it will work fine till I put any serious traffic on it. - I'm thinking that maybe my POE cable could be pushing the length limit? its 50ft ( 16 meters ) the power light is still active but the network is gone. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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