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Found 6 results

  1. Does EnGenius have outdoor repeater?
  2. Assess, Analyze & Optimize Your Wireless Networks With wireless technology constantly changing, wireless network design is imperative. The intuitive web-based network design tool, ezWiFi Planner, allows you to easily plan for your indoor and outdoor wireless deployments. Start designing your wireless projects using the license-free software by logging into the partner portal at partners.engeniustech.com. Start your projects by uploading your site floor plans and set your scale to accurately plan AP distribution and placement. The tools algorithm will auto place devices and will intuitively set your channels to the location of your project to adhere to country standards. Finish off your design with easy reporting you can export and customize to meet your clients needs. Features of the ezWiFi Planner: Upload your floor plan and set your scale to plan your project sites to kickstart planning Design for indoor and outdoor projects Draw Wi-Fi coverage areas and any site obstacles ezWiFi Planner algorithm will accurately place devices throughout your project to accommodate coverage and output needs identified Auto channelize your project Add multiple product models and optimize your site Heat map coverage for visualization of projects Inventory reports to showcase devices deployed in project as well as device settings for easy deployment Customizable reporting for easy proposals to customers Reporting includes site floor plan overview, inventory lists, channelization, heat map coverage and WDS coverage. Take your plan and put it to action! With the floor plan overview you can easily import to ezMaster software for easy configuration for your deployments as well as future management. Design your indoor projects and visualize with heat map coverage. Plan multiple floor plans / levels within a single project design. Need to connect multiple buildings? The WDS bridge algorithm within the tool will allow you to design P2P project sites for accurate coverage and device placement. Ensure coverage where you need it! With optional external antennas, the tool will design and plan for both device and antenna settings and project needs. Know the best devices and placement of your devices through designing your projects to increase efficiencies on deployment! Check out all of the features of the ezWiFi Planner and Try it Now! Within the ezWiFi Planner you have access to expert support from EnGenius as well as step-by-step instructions on all product features. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmJjdnSeRJg
  3. Question on ENH1750ext ...... the range of these units, the specs state that the antennas are omnidirectional but have units mounted on telephone poles and the signal behind the unit is night and day compared to the front. I'm thinking that the unit need to extend away from the pole by a couple of feet. But the mounting hardware keeps it close. any advice? Also is there a best practice manual for tweaking these units?
  4. I have 4 Ens202 set up in wds bridge mode. Had them connected to a Ens202ext setup as a access point but would work for a week then sometimes to a few hours then stop working. I would restart the AP and would work. Now have comfast CF-E314N set as an ap will work for weeks then act up. Wondering what I'm doing wrong or if I need a different ap I still have the ens202ext. The ens202 all have line is sight. The farthest is about 1500 feet. They are on security cameras.
  5. Is there any plan to implement DHCP to EnGenius outdoor models for small network requirement in public outdoor activities/parties? Ex. Park, market, Garden Party ... and so on.
  6. Louisville’s picturesque 85-acre Waterfront Park became the site of “mob violence” on the evening of Saturday, March 22, 2014. According to the FBI, in an article published by the Courier-Journal, “mob violence” occurred when a gang of middle school students went to Waterfront Park to fight another local gang. City leaders needed to move quickly to increase security and help reduce safety concerns in the park in advance of the city’s Thunder Over Louisville air show and fireworks display scheduled for April 12, 2014. “We were tasked with installing 28 cameras in the 85 acre park in less than two week time due to the upcoming major event which would have over 600,000 attendees,” explained Chris Seidt, Network Supervisor at Louisville Metro Government. With the cameras installed throughout the park, network connectivity was enabled quickly and easily using the EnGenius wireless access points and bridges. “The ENH700s are installed on the buildings with the fiber and switches, and the ENH500s are mounted with the cameras and are pointed back to the ENH700s,” explained Seidt. “The EnGenius devices were simple to configure, easy to mount and install, and provide ample bandwidth for the high definition cameras we’re deploying.” According to Seidt, thanks to the easy installation and configuration of the EnGenius products, Waterfront Park’s new video surveillance solution was installed on schedule and is working well. Complete case study: http://www.engeniustech.com/resources/LouisvilleCaseStudy.pdf Electron Series info: https://www.engeniustech.com/solutions/electron-series.html
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