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Found 7 results

  1. I have 3 ENH1750EXT APs and they were working great. I updated the firmware to v3.0.2.9 and they are performing fine except for the guest network. All devices (laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones) are now unable to get internet access when connected to the guest network. I have double checked the settings, which are the same as they were when it was working under the old firmware. I have done a factory reset on all APs and set them back up from scratch. I have rebooted them several times. Still no joy. Anybody else seeing this problem?
  2. I recently purchased two brand new ac 1200H wireless access points. I installed one in my Procurement office which is working fantastic, and the other in my Accounting Office which is having issues. If I try and create an SSID (or use the default built in networks on either 2.4 or 5G), the signal strength appears fine, but it takes forever for the client device to obtain an ip address (for my network, it would be 10.8.8.x). Once it does, it usually says No Internet. If by some miracle, you do get a connection, the speed test comes back at less the 1MB ( I have 50MB internet). Interesting enough, if I use the built in guest network (this appears to assign clients a 192.168.100.x address), not only does it connect, but it's blazing fast. This works fine for my guests, but I need internal employees to be able to connect to the regular network so that they can browse network resources and access network printers. I've been struggling with this for the last 3 days. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Please see article posted on EnGenius Help Center https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001131972-How-to-setup-a-Guest-Network-on-EMR3000-
  4. I recently purchased the EWS Starter Kit for Small Business but I'm unable to display the splash screen with the terms of use on the Guest Network. I encounter a 502 Bad Gateway error that says "The CGI was not CGI/1.1 compliant" I'm running firmware version 1.05.45 c1.8.57 on the EWS2910P and firmware version 2.0.316-c1.8.14 on the two EWS300APs It seems like this user has a similar issue with another Engenius product but he was able to resolve his issue with a firmware upgrade:
  5. I am trying to make a guest network on my EAP350. I have enabled L2 isolation, however once I connect to the SSID, it says I have no internet connection.
  6. I have EPG5000 with two SSIDs, one for family and other for guests. On my family network I have set up DNS to use the Opendns.com , simple way to block unwanted content. This I have done in WAN settings But when I connect to Guest network client will use ISP's default DNS address, not the opendns.com DNS server address as I want. There is very few IP setting on Guest network settings, just a DNCP pool. I would like to control the Guest network usage, specially if guest kinds are using it.
  7. First if this is not the appropriate forum to post this question I have two requests; do not yell at me for posting to the wrong forum and please tell me what the correct forum where I should be posting. The issue: I have an EAP600 that I’m trying to configure with one business vlan and one guest vlan. wireless is my business SSID and 102-Guest is my guest SSID When I connect to wireless I have two possible results: Good connection Internet not accessible When I connect to 102-Guest I only get internet not accessible. I am connected to a Cisco SG200-8 PoE 8 port switch. I’ve attached the current configuration backup file, I'm still using the default login and password. backup-EAP600-2016-10-21.tar.gz
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