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  1. I have three EnGenius EAP1300EXT access points. Visiting https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-products/enturbo-11ac-wave-2-indoor-wireless-ap-w-high-gain-antennas/ showed that new firmware was available, so I upgraded one of my access points to make sure everything works ok before upgrading the other two. It appeared that the upgrade completed ok. Problem is that after the firmware upgrade completed, I can no longer access the CP. I get the login screen, and using my user default name and password shows an invalid username or password. I tried using the factory default, no joy. Even though there's no documentation for this model on the hardware reset button, I tried it several ways, 10 seconds, 30 seconds powered, unpowered, and going from unpowered to powered. No joy there either, only now if I try logging in using my username and the default 'admin' password, I get a white screen. Trying any other combination shows invalid username or password. Wifi Explorer shows the unit is online and connecting to clients normally using the SSID & WPA2 passcode as I set it up before the upgrade. It's only the CP that I can't access, so I can't make any future changes. Looking at that white page Chrome console shows a 404 error, and looking at the page source looks like the standard login screen. Using Device Discovery on the Tools page of another AP on the network sees the AP and it's showing firmware 3.0.0 (the other APs show firmware 1.0.0). So at this point I'm not upgrading my other APs to the newer firmware. My network is operating ok (even the AP with newer firmware) and no users are affected by this issue, only the poor admin (me) who can no longer control or make any changes to the AP. Does anyone on this forum have any ideas or suggestions? I did backup the configuration, but there's no way to restore it without access to the CP, otherwise I'd have tried that. Thanks in advance for any wizardry out there that can help!
  2. I recently updated the firmware on my EWS7952FP. After the upgrade, everything works, however when I go to Controller > Maintenance > Upgrade List it says all of my APs (EWS320) have incompatible firmware. It shows an orange dot. When you hover over the question mark it just says "Please upgrade firmware of access points to c1.9 version of the firmware before upgrading the controller to c1.9) If this a bug? I cannot find a c1.9 version of firmware for the controller or AP. In fact there is a new firmware for the controller and it is version c.1.8.77. Has anyone else seen this and does it need to be resolved? If so how.
  3. I just upgraded the firmware and it reverted back to the startup password (kept my username) but it will not show the config page. What am I doing wrong?
  4. On all EAP models I've used before (EAP350,600,900h,1200h) I have been able to initiate a firmware upgrade via telnet/ssh. On EAP1300, there does not seem to a working function for this? Previously "mgmt -> fwgrade -> fwup http://website.local/firmware/firmwarefile.bin" would upload, write to eeprom, and then reboot. Now, the result is eap1300/mgmt/fwgrade>fwup Device reload firmware... Please wait and try to reconnect later. uci: Entry not found eap1300/mgmt/fwgrade> Is there a replacement CLI method for this? or is it just broken, and I'm going to have to upgrade firmware by hand from this point on? Yes - I checked the bin file is not corrupted - yes it works by manually uploading via the internal webpage.
  5. I have 3 ENH1750EXT APs and they were working great. I updated the firmware to v3.0.2.9 and they are performing fine except for the guest network. All devices (laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones) are now unable to get internet access when connected to the guest network. I have double checked the settings, which are the same as they were when it was working under the old firmware. I have done a factory reset on all APs and set them back up from scratch. I have rebooted them several times. Still no joy. Anybody else seeing this problem?
  6. I just purchased an EWS1200-28T (pn #1402A0067300) and tried to upgrade it with the firmware found on the page: https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-products/managed-smart-network-switch-ews1200-28t/. The firmware link is: https://www.engeniustech.com/wp_firmware/ews1200-28t_fw_1.05.52_c1.8.61_170928-2120.bix. I'm uploading the file using HTTP but after uploading I'm getting the error Illegal Version Format and it quits. I tried downloading the firmware twice in case there was a problem with the download but it's still giving the error.
  7. I've installed a new v3.0.0 firmware. After restoring the default settings and access point reconfiguration I've realized that I can no longer monitor WLAN details via SNMP, for example OID . Is something wrong with the new firmware or maybe the MIB structure has changed?
  8. I have a set of ENS620EXT radios and was attempting to upgrade one to the latest firmware. Downloaded version from the site, as a RAR file. Unpacked it and found these instructions: 1) Factory Rest the ENS620EXT 2) Upload the ENS620EXTaddCAPWAP.bin file first to the ENS620EXT 3) Factory Reset the ENS620EXT 4) Upload the ENS620EXT-int- to the unit 5) Factory reset unit 6) The unit should be ready to work with EWS switch or ezMaster Network Managment Software. A bit more than I'm used to seeing, but I began following it step by step. Steps 1 and 2 went fine, but after doing the factory reset in step 3, the device no longer boots and I can't ping it at (except for a few brief seconds when it powers up). Has anyone successfully performed this firmware update? From looking at the Javascript code on another radio, I believe the exact version of the current firmware I'm on is
  9. When is the fix for this going to drop? The issue has been out for several weeks now and we need to get our customers patched ASAP. https://www.engeniustech.com/engenius-products/outdoor-wireless-ap-ens500ext
  10. I am a reseller and I have had 4 routers this week to just brick on me. I am not sure if it was an autoupdate that is doing it or what. I fixed the problem after speaking to a Engenuis Tech who had no help for me since they were out of warranty by 6 months. If you have this problem you will notice that the power light will be red ,the wan light will blink steady blue, no wifi light. First you need to log into your router with the ip address subnet mask You will have to set a static IP on your computer in the same network. You will need to download the new firmware from the web site. this article has a link for each devices firmware. https://helpcenter.engeniustech.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009719768-EnShare-Exploit-Firmware-fix after the update finishes you can log into the router through its web interface with the defaut username and password.
  11. Hi all Can someone tell me more about the EZ Hotspot Extender. I read about it here: http://www.engenius-europe.com/index.php/product-zoo/hotspot-extender-for-motorhome-yacht-campsite I like the look of the clean web setup interface. It seems like it's a firmware for the ENS202EXT - is that correct? If so, does it offer any advantages / disadvantages over the v1.5.67 firmware for the ENS202EXT? Cheers
  12. Please see article Posted on HelpCenter: https://engeniustechsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001234112
  13. I have three 1750H units. Two have firmware 2.0.361. One has 2.0.214. I can't find a place to download 2.0.361 from the website. I've heard of trouble after this firmware update. Any guidance appreciated.
  14. I am using a five year old ECOC2611P (FCC) LFP, S/N 122365251, firmware version 1.3.1, on my boat to connect to various marina wifi systems. Recently I am having difficulty connecting at some marinas using the EnGenius device where both IOS and Android cell phones auto connect easily. Most marina systems connect easily. I believe that my device is operating in DHCP Router, Client Mode. My questions are: Is there an EnGenius device that will auto connect like the cell phones? Is the problem outdated firmware, i.e. version 1.3.1? If so, how to I obtain an updated file? It seems that the tricky part of is getting the security settings appropriately configured. Most marinas use WPA2, WPA2-PSK, or NONE. I have tried various combinations of AES, TKIP, and other options that appear in the set up screens to no avail at one location in particular. The other oddity is that sometimes I do get connected at this on problematic location and the cell phones always connect there. Thanks in advance for for your solutions.
  15. Hello, I am completly new at this. I own a ENS202EXT HWV 1.0.0 SW 1.5.35. I made a wrong firmware update. I uploaded ens202ext-fcc-v1.5.67.0 instead of ezhotspot_v3.99. Now i can't acces my Extender any more. How can i solve this. Please help me. i've searched everywhere to find a solution but i can't find it. with kind regards Campingdude
  16. So I went out and got the newest firmware for the ENH1750Ext that I am about to deploy on my network. When I flashed the update, the Firmware and Timezone tabs now show a blank screen, I've tried the built in factory reset, which did not reset firmware, and I tried the "Reset Button" on the POE injector that is supposed to reset the AP... that didn't work either. So since I cannot see my Firmware screen to see the version, or browse and upload the firmware again, is it possible to roll-back to ver. 2.0.5 which was the default on the device from the factory?
  17. I am trying to get the latest firmware for the EAP300 and I cannot seem to locate it on the main website. I e-mail support and I was directed to the website. If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi All! I cannot flash firmware 1.6.12 over 1.5.1. It's said that "This version is for use with version V1.6.12 or above of the ECB350 software" And when I'm upgrading - it's stil stays 1.5.1
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